Aug 09, 2023

Utility Arborist​


Trees need to be kept at a safe distance from electrical utilities. As a Utility Arborist, you will prune, rig, or move tree branches and woody vegetation that is in proximity or could contact any electrical apparatus. A Utility Arborist uses climbing techniques, climbing systems, and mechanized equipment to work at heights in urban, rural and off-road locations. ​

On the job, you will remove dangerous trees, conduct condition assessments within the electrical system rights of ways, use different types of on- and off-road aerial devices, and work with herbicides to control vegetation. You will also operate on- and off-road equipment such as snow machines, all-terrain vehicles and large tracked aerial devices for work that is away from main highways. To do this work, you will have to secure authorization from the general public, utility customers, government agencies, First Nations communities, and landowner associations. ​