Aug 09, 2023

Optics Technician (Lens and Prism Maker)


There’s more to glass than what meets the eye. As an Optics Technician, you will produce spherical and plane optics to specifications, correct lens and prism surfaces, and fabricate optics. In plain English, you will work on lenses for cameras, projectors, eyewear, microscopes, telescopes, domestic appliances, and binoculars. This job requires knowledge about the propagation of light, reflection and refraction of light, composition of white light, and converging/convex or diverging/concave lenses. ​

On the job, you will set up and operate optic machinery including spherical grinders, drills, fine grinders, polishers, and centre and edge grinders. You’ll also get to coat lenses and prisms with anti-reflecting or high-reflecting coats.