Aug 09, 2023

Heavy Equipment Operator — Excavator​


When people think of excavation, they think of holes, but this job is much more than ditch digging on steroids. As a Heavy Equipment Operator – Excavator, you will… excavate, but your job also involves grading, ramp building, stockpiling, backfilling, and towing, to ensure that construction sites are as efficient as possible.​

You’ll work on many projects across multiple industries, including road construction and maintenance, mining, quarrying, land clearing, forestry, logging, as well as gas and oil. You will literally shape the landscape around you, by performing cut and fill operations, backfilling trenches and excavations, creating slopes and mass excavations, clearing land, striping surface materials, stockpiling and lifting materials. You’ll also work on logging and surface mining operations, demolitions, and baling snow.​