Aug 09, 2023

Heavy Equipment Operator – Dozer


Every construction project needs heavy equipment to move heavy materials and an operator who knows how and where to do it. As a Heavy Equipment Operator – Dozer, you will operate a dozer, its attachments, and other ground-engaging equipment in projects that involve road construction and maintenance, mining, quarrying, land clearing, forestry, logging, gas, and oil. ​

The dozer operator inspects, maintains, transports, and operates the dozer and its equipment. You will use dozers to maintain winter roads, move and spread mass materials, strip surface materials, create slopes and ditches, backfills trenches and excavations, level surfaces, and clear land. By building ramps, stockpiling, backfilling, and excavating, you are making sure construction sites are as efficient as possible, so materials will move smoothly and quickly. ​